Anne Innis Dagg

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Smitten by Giraffe:

My Life as a Citizen Scientist

Smitten cover

"When Anne Innis saw her first giraffe at the age of three, she was smitten. She knew she had to learn more about this marvelous animal. Twenty years later, now a trained zoologist, she set off alone to Africa to study the behaviour of giraffe in the wild. Subsequently, Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey would be driven by a similar devotion to study the behaviour of wild apes. In Smitten by Giraffe, the noted feminist reflects on her scientific work as well as the leading role she has played in numerous activist campaigns."

McGill-Queen's University Press

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5 Giraffes

5 Giraffes

"The latest in the 5 Animals series, with an introduction by Rob Laidlaw, 5 Giraffes profiles five unique giraffes from both captivity and the wild. Accompanying the five giraffe profiles is information on their diet, social life, and chapters on some of their more unique aspects, like the giraffe's unusual body. "

from Fitzhenry and Whiteside

Giraffe: Biology, Behaviour and Conservation
Book picture of Giraffe Conservation

"Drawing together the latest research, this is a detailed exploration of current knowledge on the biology, behaviour and conservation needs of giraffe. Dagg highlights striking new data on a range of topics, discussing the problems and solutions associated with zoo captivity along with current conservation efforts and their outlook."

from Cambridge University Press

Animal Friendships

Animal Friendships

"Research into social behaviour in animals has often focused on aggression, yet members of social species are far more likely to interact with each other in a positive way. Animal Friendships explores non-sexual bonding behaviours in a range of mammalian and avian species."

from Cambridge University Press

Love of Shopping is not a Gene

Feminine Gaze

"Focusing on the problems present in Darwinian psychological research, Innis Dagg, an eminent and outspoken critic of this ideology, first presents an overview of the theory and its popularity both among professionals and lay people. Then she examines concepts of social behaviour, based on 'genes vs. culture."

Black Rose Press 1(800)565-9523

The Feminine Gaze


"Many Canadian women fiction writers have become justifiably famous. But what about women who have written non-fiction? When Anne Innis Dagg set out on a personal quest to make such non-fiction authors better known, she expected to find just a fewnin dozen. To her delight, she unearthed 473 writers who have produced over 674 books"

from Wilfrid Laurier University Press

Pursuing Giraffe: A 1950s Adventure

Pursuing Giraffe

"In the 1950s, Anne Innis Dagg was a young zoologist with a lifelong love of giraffe and a dream to study them in Africa. Based on extensive journals and letters home, Pursuing Giraffe vividly chronicles the realization of that dream and the year that she spent studying and documenting giraffe behaviour."

from Wilfrid Laurier University Press

The Social Behavior of Older Animals

Older Animals

"At once instructive and compelling, this theme-spanning book reveals the complex nature of maturity in scores of social species and shows that animal behavior often displays the same diversity we find in ourselves."

from Johns Hopkins University Press